The Creative Hive Campout land & event details

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*This is an evolving page where we'll add lineup details and more soon. Land, planning details, flyer, and pictures to start so you can see the space and what's evolving here for now and the future... For the past twenty years, a deeply dedicated…
Music Not Impossible

To Sense the Sea: Haptics collaboration with Not Impossible Labs and the Museum of the Moving Image

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Weaving multichannel sound, haptics, video, scent, and story, To Sense the Sea is a shared expedition to a secret world where industrial fallout and future technology fuses with nature and new dreams are born. The story tells of nature reclaiming…
Homesick at Harvestworks

Homesick: a multisensory & spatial journey to Earth, space, and sea in 3 Movements

, , , , , , , Created and performed by Rhiannon Catalyst with Paul Geluso, Asukaya Bailey, and Jeremy D. Slater for the NY Electronic Art Festival. Homesick is a multisensory & spatial journey to Earth, space, and sea in…
Antarctica art
Purpose Earth

Purpose Earth: Inspiring Creative solutions to our environmental & social challenges

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Watch Purpose Earth, the acclaimed 3 hour deeply inspiring interdisciplinary program created jointly by the Global Purpose Movement and Unity Earth, Creative Directed and Co-Produced by Rhiannon Catalyst.   This event helped connect…
Rubin Museum Power Play

Unity Earth Liftoff

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A multigenerational, intercultural, interactive concert and broadcast at the historic United Palace in New York, celebrating the diversity of our human family in a spirit of unity during UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019 Creative Directed…
The Great Hall: New York Hall of Science

Resounding NYSCI: Interactive Soundscape celebrates epic acoustics and innovation at the New York Hall of Science

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Looking up from the center of this incredible architecture.   Resounding NYSCI is a soundscape and interactive storytelling project designed to celebrate the beautiful acoustics and history of the New York…

Ataraxia: Tesseract featuring CrossCurrents, an evolving immersive sound story

                   Ataraxia: Tesseract and CrossCurrents Set list, acknowledgements, sample list, and attributions The mainstage set I put together for this very special event included tracks I’ve recorded and sung…