Alien Star Dust

Alien Star Dust is an ensemble project and performance created by Victoria Vesna (PhD / Founder, Director, Art | Sci Center + Lab, School of the Arts + California NanoSystems Institute) featuring Rhiannon Catalyst singing ethereal and other-wordly vocals to help lead participants to space and back to Earth again in this groundbreaking experimental project premiered by Harvestworks.

We are created from stardust by nuclear fusion, like our myriad siblings – animals, plants, insects, plankton, bacteria, and viruses, and we all function together in vibratory fields – bottom up just as nature and nanotechnology works. [Alien] Star Dust rains on us every day and this piece brings these particles to our attention and reminds us of our interconnected heritage in the larger cosmos. Dust knows no borders.

Premiering with the support of Harvestworks, this work is meant to be experienced as a guided meditation bringing to life the sensations of meteorites and micro-meteorites falling on all continents and mixing with the anthropogenic dust falling on our planet from many dimensions. Layers of sounds from inner and outer space with animations of dust and data driven by corona deaths are presented with the intent of honoring those who left their bodies without preparation and all who are suffering.

This online version was created as a meditation that is guided by the artist following the extra-terrestrial, terrestrial, and human-made dusts traveling far and wide and creating complexity that is part of an invisible reality. Most go about their daily life without being aware of ever thinking about the extraterrestrial dusts that could be on their kitchen floor, right here on earth. The alien signal is lost in the human noise and the group meditation reclaims our vision of planetary citizenship.

Headphones highly recommended.

Audio is a critical part of [Alien] Star Dust — the animation was laid down on a composition of sounds that were created by UCLA students Ivana Dama and Clinton van Arnam and further spatialized by surround sound composer Paul Geluso under the conceptual direction of Victoria Vesna. Layers of signals from space mixing with human-made noise and melodies of various cultures envelop the space further amplifying the experience of the dust complexity. Underlying the entire complex terrain of sounds are oscillating sounds derived from live data of corona virus deaths. Rhiannon Catalyst adds to the complex sound tapestry her out-of-this-world voice and Geluso brings in a drone machine (built from Solfeggio frequencies) and flute – all to help the participating mind travelers enter another dimension.

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Purpose Earth

Below you can watch Purpose Earth, the acclaimed 3 hour deeply inspiring interdisciplinary program created jointly by the Global Purpose Movement and Unity Earth, Creative Directed and Co-Produced by Rhiannon Catalyst. This event helped connect over 11,000 people globally during the pandemic to spark purposeful vision and action to create a more peaceful, sustainable, just, and humane world for all. We could not be more grateful to all our participants, artists, partners, and all who attended. We hope many more will watch and be inspired by this experience unlike anything we have ever produced before. This is the launch of a global fund and community, our next event will be on September 21st, 2020, PURPOSE EARTH FOR PEACE. Sign up for updates.

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While the pandemic continues to keep so many of us from gathering in person, adapting to an online event allowed us to connect with over 11,000 viewers in ways we couldn’t imagine happening in one venue. All of us on the PURPOSE EARTH team are filled with gratitude for your support and we’re so excited to have you be a part of our global initiative. Together, we can empower social entrepreneurs, passionate community leaders and purposeful organizations to accelerate their endeavors toward sustainable and purposeful change.
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“Such an amazing event, great learnings and performances, moving speeches and insights! I feel so grateful to be a part of this.”
“Revolutionary, AWE inspiring and darn wonderful.”
“You have seeded amazing shifts in the world, one your great grandchildren will be proud to inherit and be stewards of.”
“Unexpected…I’m more confident than ever in my purpose.”
PURPOSE EARTH is a partnership between GLOBAL PURPOSE MOVEMENT and UNITY EARTH, created to inspire real-world impact driven by a sense of purpose through the PURPOSE EARTH FUND. This fund supports social entrepreneurs, passionate community leaders and purposeful organizations to accelerate their endeavors toward sustainable change. Grantees also are provided ongoing mentorship, ensuring its grantees have guidance in operational strategies to support the longevity and impact of their projects.
Inspiring real-world impact is at the heart of the PURPOSE EARTH FUND. Creative solutions to our environmental and social challenges are being developed around the world, and this good work requires economic resources not always readily available from larger funding institutions. The PURPOSE EARTH FUND works to fill this gap. Grants are distributed directly to our PURPOSE EARTH grant recipients, allowing contributions to make a powerful, immediate impact on local communities.
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Unity Earth Liftoff

A multigenerational, intercultural, interactive concert and broadcast at the historic United Palace in New York, celebrating the diversity of our human family in a spirit of unity during UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019 Creative Directed by Rhiannon Catalyst.


UNITY EARTH LIFT OFF was a deeply moving and unique celebration of harmony and peace that brought an international line-up of peacemakers, Indigenous leaders, musicians, diplomats, academics, youth and more to the historic United Palace in New York City.

“I commend the organizers of UNITY EARTH for convening such a rich and potent gathering of intertwining lives moving together through the power of our hearts to manifest culture, arts, music, film and speeches in a symphony of goodwill, harmony and joy. The experience served as a remembrance of the creativity of our inherent inner potential to bring forth sublime beauty while simultaneously having transcendence that returns us to the ground of sacred being from which we all arise.”

– Audrey Kitagawa, Chair, Parliament of the World’s Religions


“The stunning, interdisciplinary range of performances – helmed by Creative Director Rhiannon Catalyst – features legendary talents Akim Funk Buddha and Kristin Hoffmann, as well as international talent including British Reggae legend Pato Baton, and Chinese chanting artist Mystic Voice. Part of United Nation’s World Interfaith Harmony Week, Unity Earth at United Palace”, intergenerational, global, music, art, dance, BELLA GAIA,

– Ante Mag, Contemporary Art with Attitude


United Palace

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