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Purpose Earth

Below you can watch Purpose Earth, the acclaimed 3 hour deeply inspiring interdisciplinary program created jointly by the Global Purpose Movement and Unity Earth, Creative Directed and Co-Produced by Rhiannon Catalyst. This event helped connect over 11,000 people globally during the pandemic to spark purposeful vision and action to create a more peaceful, sustainable, just, […]

Unity Earth Liftoff

A multigenerational, intercultural, interactive concert and broadcast at the historic United Palace in New York, celebrating the diversity of our human family in a spirit of unity during UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019 Creative Directed by Rhiannon Catalyst.   UNITY EARTH LIFT OFF was a deeply moving and unique celebration of harmony and peace […]

Resounding NYSCI: an interactive & site-specific soundscape celebrating historic and resonant spaces and grounds of the New York Hall of Science

Note: This webpage will keep evolving as the project continues to unfold, providing full acknowledgements of all locations and samples contained within the soundscape I produce along with any other credits and details about how the work is built and anyone that may assist and lend use of additional samples they’ve produced that are relevant […]

CrossCurrents: an immersive, interactive sound and scentscape

CrossCurrents < Details, acknowledgements, sample list, and attributions > The base of Crosscurrents is a soundscape I spent the last two years developing. It was first premiered at Ataraxia: Tesseract on March 31st, 2018. Upon this base soundscape I perform live and often interactive music and scent storytelling, introducing vocals, other instruments, and scents to […]

Ataraxia: Tesseract and CrossCurrents Set list, acknowledgements, sample list, and attributions

Ataraxia: Tesseract and CrossCurrents Set list, acknowledgements, sample list, and attributions Event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/184478008832369/   (The mainstage set I put together for this very special event included tracks I’ve recorded and sung over the past 15 years, both alone and with live electronic groups I’ve been part of. In the ambient space I premiered a […]